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He’s on Fire

For basketball fans my age, the words “he’s on fire” carry a special meaning. NBA Jam came out 20 years ago, in 1993, when I was twelve years old. The arcade game quickly became a cultural touchstone, and by far … Continue reading

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Sunny’s Is Back

I already told the Sunny’s story here, but in brief: The 100-plus-year-old dive bar in Red Hook, Brooklyn is my favorite place in the world, largely because of the magical Saturday night jam it hosts; however, it’s been officially closed … Continue reading

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Funny Things I’ve Seen While Running in Prospect Park

Park Slope isn’t a perfect neighborhood. It’s expensive, there are WAY too many strollers (people bring their babies to bars around here), and a lot of its residents are those kind of white people who are self-conscious about their lives … Continue reading

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An Album I Love: Wildflowers

There were two big problems with picking ten records for my Desert Island Albums series: 1) Only ten records! 2) Those posts were really time-consuming to write, as they often approached two-thousand words. There are so many more albums I … Continue reading

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An Event I’m REALLY Bummed to Be Missing: The Russian River Beer Revival

Guerneville is a small, homey resort town nestled in the redwood forests of Sonoma County, just a few miles from the ocean. The town is known for its laid back, hippie-ish vibe and for being a getaway spot for gay … Continue reading

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I’ve Eaten the Best Meat In America Twice and Never Gotten To Enjoy It

I’m generally pretty conscientious as far as my consumption of meat goes. I’m very conscious of the amount of resources that go into a hamburger, the damage utilizing those resources does to the environment, and the large number of people … Continue reading

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Movie Review: Blue Jasmine

Note: I can’t really write about this movie the way I want to without including plot spoilers. If you’re really worried about that, you might want to hold off from reading until after you see the movie. As anyone who … Continue reading

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Concert Review: The Elliott Smith Tribute at the Bowery Ballroom

Music is probably the topic I write about the most on this blog. I can’t help it; I’m a music geek. I spend a ton of time writing those posts, even though I know they typically get fewer page views … Continue reading

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Movie Review: The Canyons

I normally don’t go in for celebrity gossip stuff. Not even a little bit. But a few months back, when I saw a Sunday New York Times Magazine cover story with the headline, Here Is What Happens When You Cast … Continue reading

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Book Review: Taipei by Tao Lin

I can’t remember a work of fiction in the last couple of years that’s been greeted with a more deeply divided response than Tao Lin’s newest novel, Taipei. The novel received a rave review in the Times, but also was … Continue reading

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