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Niners Week Three Awards: The Roof Is on Fire Edition

I’ve been a 49ers fan since the late ’80s. The Niners fanbase is generally regarded as pretty spoiled, and with some good reason—after all, we had Joe Montana and then Steve Young, who combined for two solid decades of dominant … Continue reading

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Niners Week One Awards: The Jon Snow Edition

Ladies and gentleman, the Niners Awards make their return in triumphant fashion, as San Francisco/Santa Clara began their season with a 20-3 pasting of the Minnesota Vikings in Silicon Valley that was basically the polar opposite of their debacle of … Continue reading

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2014 Conference Championship Picks

Over the last few years, the NFL Playoffs have been rife with surprise teams and upsets, but this year’s tournament has gone pretty much to form (San Francisco was the only road team to win in the Divisional Round, but … Continue reading

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2013-14 NBA Preview

At the beginning of this football season, I explained that I’m actually a little bit of a fairweather football fan, and that my investment in any given season is directly proportional to how good the San Francisco 49ers are. This … Continue reading

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Niners Week Eight Awards

The Niners flew to London last weekend to play the worst team in the league, the Jacksonville Jaguars. It turned out they were actually playing the worst team I’ve ever seen. The Niners were giving the Jags 17 points, and … Continue reading

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Hardly Strictly Bluegrass 2013 Recap

I’ve got this really disgusting bruise on my leg … I got a stain on my favorite jacket … I think I might have an ulcer … So, yeah, Hardly Strictly was a success, as always. I elected to skip … Continue reading

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Hi, My Name’s Justin

… and I’m a writer. That really feels like the best place to begin introducing this blog. My writing problem is akin to a longtime functioning alcoholic’s drinking problem: I know it’s not healthy, but I don’t do anything to … Continue reading

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