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An Event I’m REALLY Bummed to Be Missing: The Russian River Beer Revival

Guerneville is a small, homey resort town nestled in the redwood forests of Sonoma County, just a few miles from the ocean. The town is known for its laid back, hippie-ish vibe and for being a getaway spot for gay … Continue reading

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I’ve Eaten the Best Meat In America Twice and Never Gotten To Enjoy It

I’m generally pretty conscientious as far as my consumption of meat goes. I’m very conscious of the amount of resources that go into a hamburger, the damage utilizing those resources does to the environment, and the large number of people … Continue reading

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My Final Meal on Death Row

I have a few favorite questions I love to ask people I’m getting to know, or to argue about with friends. I like to call these my “stock questions.” My favorite, of course, is: Which ten albums would you take … Continue reading

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The World’s Greatest Oreo

The other day I was in my office building elevator with two young women who were eating single-serving packages of Oreo cookies. One of them said, “the best Oreo is a free Oreo.” Now, I don’t know where they got … Continue reading

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