Niners Week Three Awards


This will be quick, because I really don’t want to talk about that game.

The Mike Nolan Award (For an Apocalyptic Disaster of a Football Team): Your San Francisco 49ers!

I mean, this game had it all. The receivers couldn’t get open downfield at all; the team abandoned the running game in the second half (reportedly leading to a shouting match between Frank Gore and Jim Harbaugh); the defense fell apart after being left on the field for basically the entire second half; injuries continued to ravage the team (add Patrick Willis to the list); and then there’s the unspeakable Aldon Smith situation.

Basically, in the last two weeks, I’ve gone from being sure the Niners were a Super Bowl favorite to seriously wondering if this is going to be a lost season. At least they don’t go on the road tomorrow, just four days after getting whupped, to play a division rival who matched up extremely well with them last year … oh yeah, at the St. Louis Rams Thursday night. If they lose that game, it’ll be panic time in Niners-land.

No more awards this week. I’m too depressed. I award that game zero Anchor Steams, and may God have mercy on our souls.

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