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The Top 25 American Novels

If you’ve read this blog at all, you know that, like most people, I love lists. They’re silly and arbitrary, sure, but they give us a great excuse to debate with our friends about the things we love. One such … Continue reading

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The Meaning of a No-Hitter

There is nothing else in sports that makes you drop what you’re doing and sprint for a TV like the words “no-hitter.” This is true no matter who is pitching, but if the guy throwing the no-no happens to play … Continue reading

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Desert Island Album #9: Warren Zevon

The album cover: A photo of the 29-year old Warren Zevon in black suit and unbuttoned white shirt, a dim, noirish image with only an offset stage light providing illumination.The image indicates a bit of Zevon’s past (he was a … Continue reading

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My Final Meal on Death Row

I have a few favorite questions I love to ask people I’m getting to know, or to argue about with friends. I like to call these my “stock questions.” My favorite, of course, is: Which ten albums would you take … Continue reading

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Desert Island Album #8: Electric Ladyland

The album cover: This is a fun one. The above was the cover that Reprise Records chose, a blurry red and yellow headshot of Hendrix. What Jimi wanted to use was the photo below: himself and Experience bandmates Noel Redding … Continue reading

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Ghosts of New York: Max’s Kansas City and the Fillmore East

I’ve long described New York as being like the girl you’re desperately in love with who doesn’t even know your name. It’s not personal; New York doesn’t stop for anyone, doesn’t care what anyone’s name is. It’s a place that … Continue reading

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Desert Island Album #7: Led Zeppelin IV

The album cover: The image of the old man bent beneath the weight of the load of wood on his back is from a 19th Century oil painting Zeppelin singer Robert Plant bought at an antique shop. The painting was … Continue reading

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