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My Top 10 Favorite Beatles Songs

No matter who you are, you’re not going to like this post. The Beatles are surely the most influential and culturally omnipresent band in pop music history. Even people who don’t consider themselves Beatles fans per se will usually have … Continue reading

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My Top 10 Songs About Drugs

When my friend and fellow blogsmith Juan Alvarado Valdivia suggested we continue our dueling Top 10 lists by compiling our favorite drug songs, my immediate reaction was, “Won’t that just be a list of our favorite songs?” He laughed, and … Continue reading

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My Top 10 Album Closing Songs

Last week, Juan and I did our Top 10 album opening tracks. This week, I’m back with my 10 favorite album closers. The criteria, at least for me, is a little bit different here. While an opening track is a … Continue reading

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Desert Island Album #5: Rubber Soul

The album cover: We see the Fab Four from below, photographed at an off angle that gives them a floating, dreamy kind of appearance, which is accentuated by the flowing script of the album title. The text is reminiscent of … Continue reading

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I Love You More

My favorite Beatles song is In My Life. I love the song because, even though it’s a love song, it has a melancholy feel, as John Lennon recalls places, friends, and lovers from his childhood, things he’ll never forget, but … Continue reading

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